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Corporate Profile

The company New Attitude Beverage Corp., of Redondo Beach, California is a privately held company that has established an innovation leadership position in many aspects of the rapidly expanding international water market. Its main water brands, MUSIC Premium Glacier Water in a triangular bottle and ICE AGE Premium Glacier Water in trademark cobalt blue bottles, have won numerous awards for their packaging design and quality. The elements of quality and taste have won the 2002 and 2003 American Tasting Institute Gold Medals and both are the featured waters in upscale mass market, gourmet, health food and boutique hotel chains, both nationally and internationally. In 1998, the company expanded its horizons by entering the energy drink market and in 2002, with Vitamin enhanced juice drinks.

Award Winning Products

The purest, natural water, ICE AGE (cobalt blue bottles) and Canadian MUSIC (distinctive triangular bottle) is available to consumers in a variety of sizes. ICE AGE and MUSIC are bottled at our water only plant in Vancouver, British Columbia. Watermark captures, transports, processes and bottles a 100% bacteria free product with no impact on the pristine quality and purity of its water. ICE AGE/ MUSIC is the only Canadian bottled water carrying the American Culinary Institute Gold Seal of Approval. The distinctive package designs have determined the positioning of the brands to be premium in nature and content. The cobalt blue color of ICE AGE communicates an icy, pure image- appealing to the analytical consumer. The glacier water products create a positive bottled water imagery: purity, cold, clarity and untouched by any pollutants. ICE AGE is the glacier water category leader and serves to establish itself as the gold standard for premium waters and bottled water. Both brands are favorites with media and entertainment celebrities and functions, as well as government officials in several countries. In 2004/2005, ICE AGE will appear on many of the current hit shows such as The O.C., Nip/Tuck, Summerland, CSI, Law & Order, as well as several upcoming feature films. Although it accounts for less than 10% of production, New Attitude also utilizes its source to bottle several leading private house branded waters.

The company has evolved with its Healthy X24/7 - XLC Bio-active Natural Juice drinks to an updated approach. Now available in single serve 12 oz glass bottles to conform to the new attitude "Less is Better".

NEW: X24/7- XLC are both smaller packages, healthier, less sweet, lower in calories and less sugar. These beverages were created for the active lifestyle and health conscious, low sugar minded families of today. The XLC uses no High Fructose Corn Syrup nor artificial sweeteners. Its formulizations utilize very low levels of certified organic cane sugar and real juice from concentrate, vitamins, herbs and anti-oxidants to complement the new health conscious lifestyle.

XLC was developed with consideration of the impact to blood sugar levels, with a range of 8 to 20 grams of sugar per 8 oz. serving compared to 24 to 50 grams of juice beverages and 100% juices. This product uses Organic Cane sugar and as new flavour blends are introduced, "NO ADDED SUGAR".

XLC is pasteurized with no preservatives, using natural flavors, colors and contain up to 25% real juice.

There are several other projects in the works in 2005, once again, keyed into healthy and active lifestyle attitudes. VORTEX, a new technology processed water is being introduced in April 2005. It has a new "spin"on waters with a combination of Russian technology "activating" the water after it has gone thru "Extreme Purification". Seconds before entering the filler, the water goes thru a high speed spinning VORTEX whirlpool process which substantially increases absorption of medical grade oxygen into the product water.

The source of the initial water is high quality glacial fed municipal water of Vancouver, British Columbia. It is processed to remove the chlorine and any other impurities that may be present in the municipal water supply pipeline.

An energy drink will also debut in May.

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