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Some Interesting Facts...

Ice Age and Music Premium Glacier waters are derived from the same source.

Ice Age is bottled at its Vancouver water bottling plant, approximately 250 miles from its glacier water source in British Columbia , Canada.

The water is collected in natural granite base pools at the foot of the source and just prior to flowing into the ocean. There is absolutely no effect on the ecology of the region nor any depletion of the natural source as much the case of Springs being pumped across North America.

Production is not permitted at the source since the area is environmentally protected from human inhabitation and government controlled. Our source at Alpine Creek, Toba Inlet, is licensed to our Canadian company, exclusively as 10 year renewable water licenses.

As the terrain is almost a vertical drop there is no inhabitation by humans or animals. Thus the source is exceptionally pure. It is so pure that many professionals who have read our 20 page water analysis have not believed it until they themselves sent samples out for testing. As an example this source has provided, since its first access in 1987, a consistent 3 to 6 parts per million total dissolved solids (mineral salts) with most other elements and minerals almost non detectable by independent laboratory analysis. Over the years the water has one several awards for its quality including Gold Medals for 2002 and 2003.

This license is only 1 of 3 licenses for a Glacier Water source. This source of Glacier Water is pure, natural, and sodium free. It is documented to be the world's softest, smoothest water.

The backgrounds of the partners in the company is what brought them into the water and beverage business. These partners came out of the fashion industry of the eighties and the initial water business interest came as a result of being served water on an Italian airline flying out of Milan in 1988….thus "fashion" water.


The company has bottled its water in Vancouver since 1991. First in its trademark proprietary triangular bottle under the MUSIC Brand. In 1993 MUSIC added its new gimmick, the push pull sport cap which several years later was copied by other water companies.

In 1995 the company introduced ICE AGE in the cobalt blue bottle…..same pure glacier water in a unique new package.

Although water is our main product the company has in the past 2 years added energy drinks and X 24/7 vitamin juice cocktails. It also produces water products for retailers under their own "private" brands.

NEW ATTITUDE, the U.S. company and WATERMARK, the Canadian company, distribute its beverage products in Canada, the U.S. , Japan, Korea , Saudi Arabia and other offshore countries.

Through direct distribution and sub-distributors, the companies spread product into Grocery, Health food, Gourmet and convenience stores as well as hotels across the continent.

Our Glacier Water is not to be confused with the GLACIER WATER vending machines found outside Grocery and Drug stores. These machines (usually marked in small print on the display sign) dispense filtered tap water and are simply connected to the local supply by pipes at the back of the unit.

Water quality being what it is still would not in itself cause consumers to purchase the product. Innovation in packaging is what the company is best known for and what gets attention to its products.

The plastic bottles are made of polyester tetrathalate (p.e.t.) . These are symbolized under the bottle with a "1" inside a triangle on the bottom of the bottles. Both the bottles and caps are recycled and ground up to be used in other plastics, including the polyester fibre used in sweatshirts or bottoms of carpeting.


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